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Revision history:

Introduced in QPR 7.6.1

Last changed in QPR 2016.1.0


Returns a list of IDs of QPR Modeling Client model elements defined by search parameters. The Find command supports all PGModel element types which have IDs.




PGModel.Find(Parameters, Criteria, SortBy, out ResultList)




Parameters: A semicolon-separated list of parameters for defining the search base. Supported keywords are:

FINDSTRING = String containing text that is searched for. In the case this parameter is present, the KIND parameter is ignored.
FINDSTRING_OPTIONS = Comma-separated list of options for FINDSTRING. The supported options are:
oWholeWordsOnly: Search whole words only, i.e. words that contain FINDSTRING but are longer than that are not included
oMatchCase: Perform a case sensitive search
KIND = ELEMENTTYPES | ELEMENTS. If this is omitted, the default value "" (all kinds of objects) is used. Note that in the case FINDSTRING is present, this parameter is ignored.
INSTANCEONLEVEL =  Integer defining the ID of the diagram where the search is performed.
IDS = Comma-separated list of element IDs. If this is omitted, the default value "" (all elements defined by the Kind parameter) is used.
ELEMENTTYPES = Comma-separated list of element type names or IDs. If this is omitted, the default value "" (all element types) is used. Also predefined Meta type names can be used:
oALLACTIVITIES: all activity types
oALLSUBPROCESSES: all diagram types
oALLFLOWS: all flow types
oALLEXTERNALMODELS: all external model types
oALLELEMENTS: all custom element types
oALLINFORMATIONFLOWS: all information flow types
oALLNONINFORMATIONFLOWS: all non-information flow types
oALLINFORMATIONCONTAINERS: all information container types
oALLPROCESSSTEPS: all process step types
oALLCHECKPOINTS: all checkpoints
oALLTEXTS: all texts
oALLPICTURES: all pictures

Criteria: Not supported at the moment. Use an empty string here.

SortBy: Not supported at the moment. Use an empty string here.

out ResultList: Variant for storing an array which contains the results of the find operation. The format of the array depends on whether FINDSTRING or KIND was used. In the case of FINDSTRING, the result is an array with three columns:

oElementId, integer
oElementName, string
oFoundInFields, string


With the KIND parameter the resulting array has only the ElementId column.


Required Rights:


At least view rights to the model object.


Return Values:

Below are listed the return values that this function can return:









Example Procedure: