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Revision history:

Introduced in QPR 8.1

Last changed in QPR 2019.1


Set a multiple attribute values objects defined in the objectIds parameter.




void SetAttribute(string sessionId, string objectIds, string[][] attributes, string options)


Return Value:






sessionId: String. ID of an authenticated session.

objectIds: String. A comma-separated list of FullID's of objects to which the attribute value should be added.

attributes. A Jagged two-dimensional array of strings. Each row in this array needs to contain an attribute name and the value assigned to the given attribute.

options: String. A comma-separated list of options for the command. Note that there can be also mandatory options specific to product and object type. The following options are specifically supported by the SettAttributes function:

InputValuesInMeasurementUnitFormat: true | false. Defines if the measure's own unit format is assumed when converting input values from string to float. Default value is true. If this option is false, decimal separator is assumed to be "." and thousand separator empty.


Example Procedure:


ServiceClient client = new ServiceClient("WSHttpBinding_IService");

string sessionId = client.Authenticate("qpr", "demo");

string[][] attributes = { new string[] { "Description", "Hello from QPR Web Services Foundation" }, new string[] { "Category", "Initiative" } };

string objectId = client.CreateObject(sessionId, "PO", "actionplan", "Action Plan created via WS API", "", attributes, "");

MessageBox.Show("Created object with ID " + objectId);

// add more attributes to the object

string[][] additionalAttributes = { new string[] { "Progress", "5" }, new string[] { "Status", "Waiting for approval" } };

client.SetAttributes(sessionId, objectId, additionalAttributes, "");