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Revision history:

Introduced in QPR 8.0

Last changed in QPR 2019.1


Sets measure values for a QPR Metrics measure.




void SetSCMeasureValuesForMeasure(string sessionId, string measureId, string[][] values, string options)


Return Value:






sessionId: String. ID of an authenticated session.

measureId: String. FullId of the QPR Metrics measure to modify.
values: Array. Two dimensional array of measure value identifiers and values. Arrays are formatted as follows:
[[Series symbol #1, Date #1 (in XML date format), Value #1],
[Series symbol #2, Date #2 (in XML date format), Value #2],

Note: You can define the date in three ways: By period index, by period name, or by date. To define a period index, prefix the value with a #, i.e. "#5" would make the value to be set for the fifth period. To define the target period by the period name, prefix the value with a $, e.g. "$Q3/2009". To define the period by a date, input the date in XML date format without any special control characters.
options: String. Comma-separated list of options used for setting values. The following option is supported by SetSCMeasureValuesForMeasure:

InputValuesInMeasurementUnitFormat: true | false. Defines if the measure's own unit format is assumed when converting input values from string to float. Default value is true. If this option is false, decimal separator is assumed to be "." and thousand separator empty.


Note: If a row in the values array contains invalid data, that row is ignored, and the invalid row together with the error message is listed in the exception that is raised.