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The following commands are available on the Home tab. The items with an indented description appear in a submenu of the previous unindented item.



Paste the contents of the clipboard.

Paste as Instance

Pastes a new instance of the element if the clipboard holds an instantiable element.

Paste Web Style

Pastes a web style from the clipboard to the selected element(s).

Paste Stencil

Opens the Paste Stencil dialog in which you can choose which stencil properties are pasted from the clipboard to the selected element(s).


Copy selection to clipboard and delete it.


Copy selection to clipboard.

Format Painter

Pastes all stencil properties except size of the selected element to elements selected by dragging a rectangle on the flow chart. See also the Paste Stencil and Custom Graphical Properties section.


Undo the last change to model.


Find text in active child window.


Delete the currently selected element or item.


Select and modify elements.

Area Select

Select elements on the flow chart using a rectangular area.

Lasso Select

Select elements on the flow chart using a lasso-shaped area.

Select All

Select all the contents of the flow chart.


Define the font and other label settings of the selected element.


Control the depth ordering of the selected element(s).


Control the alignment of the selected elements.

User Rights

EA_iconPD_iconView and edit users and their rights. Not available with file models.

Run Script

EA_iconPD_iconRun a QPR Script.

Auto Numbering Wizard

Launch the Auto Numbering Wizard.

Published To Web

EA_iconPD_iconToggle model publishing. If this is selected, the model is available in QPR Portal.

Web Styles

EA_iconPD_iconDefine the Web Style for the selected element or element type and manage Web Styles.