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QPR Suite 2012

Fast Guide to Processes in QPR Portal

This guide provides you with a quick overview to the most relevant functionality related to browsing process models in QPR Portal.


Opening Portal and Logging In

Start the QPR Portal by selecting Start -> All Programs -> QPR Suite 2012 Servers -> QPR Portal.


You can login to the QPR Portal by entering your username and password to the fields on the left side. The default user for all QPR products is 'qpr' and the password is 'demo'.



Tabs of QPR Portal

There are four main tabs available in QPR Portal:

My Contents: Here you can see e.g. your bookmarks, responsibilities, and briefing booklets published to you.

Processes: Here you can browse process models. This guide focuses mainly on this tab.

Scorecards: Here you can view measures of your organization’s balanced scorecard.

Actions: Here you can create and view actions related to process models, scorecards, and to your organization in general.


Selecting Models

To select a model, go to the Processes tab and click Select Model in the left frame. A dialog for selecting a model is displayed.




Navigating the process models is easy and straightforward. In the Process Maps view you can select the desired process level from the navigation frame (A) and a flow chart for the corresponding level is opened in the viewing frame (B). The toolbar buttons function as follows:


Opens a model selection window.


Prints the active flow chart.


Opens the bookmark window. See the next section for more information.


Add elements from the active flow chart to the basket for later reuse.


Opens the Actions view showing all actions connected to the current process level. See the Commenting and Action Planning section.


Opens a dialog for selecting pre-defined view settings for the flow chart view.


Switch the view to a more detailed mode.



Elements on Process Maps

Clicking the element symbols opens the details of the elements or opens a new subprocess level in the case the element is a subprocess. You can identify subprocesses by shadows behind the elements. Subprocesses have a magnifying class icon for opening a details view and can include also an information item icon as well as indicators of linked QPR Metrics measures.


A subprocess with attached information items and indicator from a linked QPR Metrics element



To bookmark the currently active flow chart, click Bookmark in the toolbar above the flow chart.




To change the default name of the bookmark, change the text in the Link name field. Click OK to create the bookmark.