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Analysis Tab

Analysis Tab

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Analysis Tab

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The Analysis tab is visible when the Analysis View is open. The Analysis tab includes the following controls:


btn_previous  Back to previous state

btn_next  Forward to next state


btn_open  Open analysis view

btn_save  Save analysis view


btn_select_rows  Select and arrange rows

btn_select_columns  Select and arrange columns


btn_spr2  Spreadsheet

btn_bar_graph  Bar graph

btn_line_graph  Line graph

btn_pie_graph  Pie graph

btn_gantt_chart  Gantt chart

btn_distribution_graph  Distribution graph

btn_trend_graph  Trend graph


btn_cumulative  Cumulative

btn_ignore_zero_values  Ignore Zero Values

btn_ignore_missing_values  Ignore Missing Values


btn_display_smallest_total  Smallest total

btn_display_largest_total  Greatest total

btn_calculate_average  Average

btn_calculate_row_sum  Sum of rows

btn_calculate_column_sum  Sum of columns


btn_critical_path  Critical path

btn_recalculate  Recalculate


btn_toggle_2d_3d_graphs  Toggle 3D72D View

btn_toggle_value_labels  Toggle values



See the Analysis topic for description of the commands.