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Analyzing Simulation Results

Analyzing Simulation Results

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Analyzing Simulation Results

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When a simulation ends, a dialog box showing the reason for ending the simulation is shown. Also the reports selected in the simulation options are written and measure values are saved to cases if defined so.

The results of the last simulation run can be presented by graphs or reports. The reports show all the events during the simulation. There are four different reports available:

bullet3  full report

bullet3  process step report

bullet3  flow report

bullet3  resource report


Full report lists all the events. Process step report shows the events grouped by process steps and flow report shows the events connected to each flow. Resource report shows the resource usage events for each resource.


These reports can be viewed by selecting the report from the Reports drop down menu in the Simulation group on the Model tab or on the Simulation tab of the ribbon. The available reports and their location depend on the simulation options used for the last simulation run. When a report is selected, QPR Modeling Client opens the default viewer for text files to show the contents of the report.


Each simulation run overwrites the old contents of the reports.