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Audit Log for QPR Modeling Client

Audit Log for QPR Modeling Client

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Audit Log for QPR Modeling Client

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All client operations targeted at a QPR Modeling Client model can be recorded into a log file called "PGSAudit.txt" located in the "Audit" folder under the log folder that can be defined in the Server log settings of the Common section in the QPR Configuration Manager utility. Logging is enabled by default. To disable logging, launch QPR Configuration Manager, select Server log settings from the Common section, and select Logging disabled from the Audit log settings for QPR BizArchitecture Server. Note that QPR Portal activity is not logged as QPR Modeling Client models cannot be edited in QPR Portal.


The Structure of the Log File


When an operation (action) is committed to the QPR BizArchitecture Server using QPR Modeling Client, a corresponding event will be written into the log file. The operation is one of the following:


Open model for viewing

Open model for editing

Open model for exclusive editing

Check out model for editing

Check out model for exclusive editing

Save model

Save model as

Save template as

Check in

Undo checkout

Close model

Delete model

Replace model

The log contains the following columns:



Model name

Model id

User, full name and login name

Session id



The fields of the log file are separated with tabulators.