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The Basket is a temporary repository where you can add elements to be used in the Briefing Booklets. The Add to Basket dialog will open when you click the Add to Basket button anywhere in the QPR Portal (including the Processes and Hierarchy Views tabs). The Available Items view lists all the items that can be added to Basket in the active view.


All basket items are grouped into following types:

elements: actions, QPR Metrics or QPR Modeling Client elements

views: Portal views (including QPR Metrics and QPR Modeling Client views). When adding views from the Process Maps, Hierarchy and Dashboards views, the items display also the model names in parentheses and in the case of flow charts also the name of the view settings (indicated by a preceding ~)

briefing items: different data items, for example scorecard or dashboard vector graphics pictures, indicators and history charts of QPR Metrics elements, graphs of QPR Metrics elements (including both the indicator and the history chart in the layout), primary user roles of QPR Metrics elements, element values, QPR Modeling Client flow chart pictures, definitions, recent actions, values, alerts, linked data, sub-elements, information items, and so forth.


For example, if you are adding a flow chart to the Basket, you can choose whether to add the flow chart view or the flow chart image to Basket. Click the OK button to add the selected element or the Cancel button to exit the dialog without adding anything to the Basket.


Note that the Basket contents will be erased when QPR Web Application Server is restarted.