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With bookmarks you can open the most frequently visited views easily. Bookmarks are located on the left side in your home view, and depending on the QPR Portal configuration, either your personal bookmarks or shared bookmarks are displayed first. To open a bookmarked view, click a bookmark in the bookmark list. In the case the bookmarked view is in a QPR Modeling Client model, opening the bookmark will change also the model active in the Processes tab to the model containing the bookmarked view. You can add new bookmarks, delete old ones, edit existing bookmarks or sort the bookmark list using the bookmark manager. Note that in the home view any of the bookmark categories can display a maximum of 1000 bookmarks.



Creating Bookmarks


To create a new bookmark in the Portal, click the Bookmark link in the toolbar. Alternatively you can press the Create button in the Manage Bookmarks view and the Create New Bookmark window opens. Enter a name for the bookmark into the Link Name field. If the model uses version management, there are some version related options available. Selecting the Latest model version option will make the bookmark open the view from the latest model version. Selecting the Latest model version in branch will make the bookmark open the view from the latest model version in current branch (option available only if the model is in a branch). Selecting the Current model version will make the bookmark open the view from the specific model version. The Link Location and Direct Link fields are pre-filled. For more information about the difference of the regular links listed in the Link Location field and Direct Links, see the Using Public URL's section. If you want that the bookmark's target will also be your home page in the QPR Portal, tick the Set as Homepage box. Home page is the page that is displayed in the Home section of the My Contents tab. The home page is also displayed after logging into Portal in the case the default configuration is used (but QPR Portal configuration as well as the "Set as default page" functionality described below can override this). Selecting Quick link will place the bookmark to the list of available quick links shown in the My Contents/Home hierarchy and to the toolbar in Mini Portal. Clicking a quick link will open the bookmarked view. In addition, the tab, the sub page of the tab, and the hierarchy view in the bookmark are opened. Quick links can be created only by administrators and only if the bookmark is set to be published to everyone or selected users. By default, the Maintain selections check box is selected. If the check box is unselected, only the current tab and tab sub page are bookmarked, i.e. not the actual model or object being viewed. By default you can view a maximum of 100 quick links in the Mini Portal mode of QPR Portal.


In the case you are bookmarking a view somewhere in Portal (i.e. the Create Bookmark view was not opened though the Manage Bookmarks view) and changing the default view is enabled in the Portal configuration, there is an Action section, in which you can define whether the bookmark is set as the default page of QPR Portal or the default page of the tab the bookmarked view resides in. However, administrator users can change the default views regardless of the settings. Checking the "Set as default page" option allows you to choose between two different options:

Set as default page of QPR Portal - Sets the view as the page that is shown right after you login to QPR Portal.

and one of the following depending on the tab the Bookmark view is accessed from:

Set as default page of My Contents - Sets the view as the page that is shown when the My Contents tab is opened.

Set as default page of Processes - Sets the view as the page that is shown when the Processes tab is opened.

Set as default page of Scorecards - Sets the view as the page that is shown when the Scorecards tab is opened.

Set as default page of Actions - Sets the view as the page that is shown when the Actions tab is opened.


You can control whether also a bookmark is created when setting the default views by checking or unchecking the Create bookmark checkbox.


Administrator users can also define the users who will see the bookmark or be using the bookmark as a default view. The publishing can be defined in the Publish To section and the options include: Me only (only the administrator's views are affected), Everyone (every QPR Portal user's default view will be changed) and Selected users (the default view affects the users selected using the menu that is opened by clicking the Users button).


When you have entered all the required information and wish to add the bookmark into your bookmarks, press the OK button. To cancel the operation, press Cancel.



Managing Bookmarks


There is a Manage Bookmarks link, which opens the bookmark manager, above your personal bookmark list. Click it to modify bookmarks. There are radio buttons for selecting whether Bookmarks or Views are displayed. The difference between these choices is that Bookmarks displays bookmarked views and Views displays views saved in the View Designer view.


There are views for managing both private (Manage My Bookmarks) and shared (Manage Shared Bookmarks) bookmarks, and the views are similar with the exception that in the Manage Shared Bookmarks view there is for administrator users a Show all checkbox, which defines whether all shared bookmarks or just the administrator's own shared bookmarks are listed in the view. As non-administrator users cannot create shared bookmarks, the Properties button is the only button available in the Manage Shared Bookmarks view.


You can also modify bookmark data. Select a bookmark from the bookmark list and press the Properties button. This will open a window for modifying the bookmark data. When you are done with the modifications, press OK to save the current settings or Cancel to cancel the changes. Note that only administrators can modify shared bookmarks, so other users can only view shared bookmarks with the Properties button.


Bookmarks can be grouped with separators and folders. You can add a separator into the bookmark list by pressing the Create Separator button and a folder by pressing the Create Folder button. To move a bookmark or a separator up or down in the bookmark list, select an item from the list and press the Up or Down buttons. Similarly, pressing the Up and Down buttons will move a folder up and down. All bookmarks and separators placed after a folder on the list up to the next folder are placed inside that folder on the Home view and on the Mini Portal. A folder cannot have a subfolder.


To remove a bookmark or a separator from the bookmark list, select an item which you wish to remove and press the Delete button.