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BPMN Template

BPMN Template

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BPMN Template

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The BPMN Template is used when creating standard BPMN models. It has its own Tool Palette which is used in the same way as the Tool Palette of the default template for creating a model.


The model elements defined in the Tool Palette include all the standard BPMN attributes by default. To modify these attributes for an element, right-click the element, select Set Process Step Properties... from the pop-up menu and go to the BPMN Attributes tab. For further information on BPMN attribute types, see topic "Custom Attributes" (Custom attributes have been renamed BPMN attributes in the BPMN template) in QPR Modeling Client - User's Guide.


To make changes to the graphical appearance of elements, select Graphical Properties... from the pop-up menu.


Some of the attributes can also be set using the pop-up menu. For enumerated BPMN attributes, you can change the value by right-clicking on the element on the flow chart and selecting the value from the pop-up menu, instead of opening the properties dialog. The attribute name is shown in the menu and its values are shown as sub-items. Select the value by clicking the sub-item. The BPMN attributes are shown in the pop-up menu only when a single element is selected. Enumerated attributes in attribute sets or enumerated attributes with cardinality N are not shown. Thus, these values can only be changed in the properties dialog.