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Business Process Model

Business Process Model

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Business Process Model

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This chapter introduces the business process model used in QPR Modeling Client. It describes the model elements and how the model can be viewed and modified.


In the process model there are model elements that have properties, e.g. name. The properties are directly attributed to the model element. In addition a model element can have connections to other model elements, e.g. organization item of a process step. QPR Modeling Client always keeps the model consistent when changes are made. The changes made to one model element are automatically reflected on other elements connected to it.


In addition to static model element properties, most model elements have also simulation properties, e.g. processing time and entry and exit rules, which describe the dynamical behavior of that model element.


In QPR Modeling Client you can easily create models for both small and simple and large and complicated processes. A process model can be hierarchically organized into process levels using subprocesses.


In QPR Modeling Client the basic process model (created using the default template) consists of the following elements:


bullet2 process steps

bullet2 groups

bullet2 flows

bullet2 stores

bullet2 organization items

bullet2 resources

bullet2 notes

bullet2 information items


In addition, the following elements are needed for measuring:


bullet2 measures

bullet2 cases

bullet2 measure values


All these elements, except for measure values, have name and description properties. Name is a short textual identifier for the element while the description can be used to describe the element in more detail. There are no naming restrictions for the elements, so two elements can have the same name or the element may have an empty name. Also the connections between model elements are not obligatory so they can be left empty.