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Cases Dialog

Cases Dialog

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Cases Dialog

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Cases are created, modified and deleted from the Cases dialog. This dialog is accessed from the Model tab of the ribbon by selecting Model Elements arrow_right Cases... The Cases dialog shows all the cases available in the model.



Cases dialog



Creating a New Case

A new case is created in the Cases dialog by clicking the "New..." button. It is also possible to create a new case from the Select analysis spreadsheet rows dialog by clicking the "New Case" button. A Case dialog is opened in which you can define the properties of the new case.



Modifying a Case

A case can be modified by selecting the desired case from the list and clicking the "View..." button. using the Case dialog.



Deleting a Case

A case is deleted by selecting it from the list box in the Cases dialog and clicking Delete button. Before deleting, QPR Modeling Client asks you to confirm the operation.





If you delete a case, then all measure values connected to it are also deleted!