QPR Installation Instructions



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This section defines the configuration steps that should be taken before taking QPR Suite 2012.2 into use.




Select the correct database instance in the Common - Database Operations tab in QPR Configuration Manager. For production use this should be a Microsoft SQL Server or an Oracle database you have created for this purpose, but for demonstration and evaluation purposes there is also a Microsoft Access database called QPR_2012_ACCESS_DEMO installed with the 32-bit Servers package.



Web Content URLs

On most environments web content URLs should be correct right after the installation, but if you are using e.g. customized ports you may need to edit the URLs. This can be done in QPR Configuration Manager at the QPR Web Application Server section.



Remove the Demo User or Change Its Password

The default QPR installation includes the 'qpr' demo user account. If you don't plan to use the demo user account, you should remove it. If you wish to keep the demo user for demonstration purposes, you should change its default password to something else.