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Save Model with a New Name

Save Model with a New Name

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Save Model with a New Name

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Any changes you make to a model are immediately updated in the database. Thus, there is no need to "save changes" while working with the program: changes are saved at real-time.


Copying an existing model is useful when you want to experiment with modifications to a working model without jeopardizing the original model.


To copy a model:


1.Open the model you want to copy.
2.On the Application menu, select Save As.... The "Save Model As" window opens.
3.In the Name of the new model field, you can assign the name for the copied model that you are creating.
4.In the Reply address for e-mail notifications field, you can enter the e-mail address to which users of the e-mail notification system can reply to. You can also leave the field empty if you want to use the default reply address set in the QPR Configuration Manager utility.
5.In the Description field, you can also include a detailed description of the model.
6.Click OK. The copy is made and saved to the database.



Note: After the model has been copied, the currently open model is the original model, not the newly made copy of it. The model can be archived only later in the Model Properties window, so the Archive checkbox is always disabled in this window.