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Create a New Linked Element Type

Create a New Linked Element Type

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Create a New Linked Element Type

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Linked element types are names you give to a category of linked elements to distinguish them from one another. Under the type "Vision", for instance, you can define as many different visions as you like.


To be able to attach linked element to your elements, you must first define the data types to choose from.


To create a new linked element type:


1.On the Model tab of the ribbon select Modeling Options. The Modeling Options window opens.
2.Select the Linked element types tab.




3.In the Linked element types tab, click the New... button. The Linked element type window opens.




4.Type a name for the linked element type in the Name field. For example "Strategy".
5.You can type a description of the linked element type in the Description field.
6.To associate an icon with the linked element type, click the Load Icon... button. Select an icon from the QPR Metrics icon library in the "<All Users profile>\Application Data\QPR Software\QPR 2012\2012.2\Clients\SCIconLibrary" folder (C:\ProgramData\QPR Software\QPR 2012\2012.2\Clients\SCIconLibrary folder in Windows Vista and later versions) or choose from one of your own images to serve as an icon. Click the Open button. The icon that now appears in the view will now represent the linked element type throughout your model.
7.Select an element type to which the linked element type will be linked from the Element type drop-down list box.



 Note: Once you have chosen the element type, the linked element will be permanently linked to this element type. To change the element type, you must create a new linked element type and link it to the desired element type.



8.Click the OK button. The new linked element type is now added to the list of linked element types.



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