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Creating a New Model

Creating a New Model

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Creating a New Model

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mouse_24 Exercise 98: Create a New Model.


BTN_AR131. From the Application menu, select New. Alternatively you can press Ctrl+N or click the New button pic_qat_new_model in the Quick Access Toolbar. The Create New Model window will open.
BTN_AR132. Type in a name for the model and select the QPR Instant Score Template from the Based on drop-down menu:



BTN_AR133. Optionally, enter the e-mail address to which users of the e-mail notification system can reply to. You can also leave the field empty if you want to use the default reply address set in the QPR Configuration Manager utility. You can also include a detailed description of the model.
BTN_AR134. Click OK.

See the Create New Model topic in QPR Metrics - User's Guide for more information.