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Creating a Resource to the Model

Creating a Resource to the Model

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Creating a Resource to the Model

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Resources are created in the Resource dialog box. The Resource dialog box can be accessed from a process step, flow or resources dialog boxes, or from the navigator window.


mouse_24 Exercise 85: Create the resource "Logistics Supervisor" to the Dentorex Group Processes model.


BTN_AR131. Open the Dentorex Group Processes model.
BTN_AR132. Go to the Dentorex Group Processes > Research & Development > Production > Logistics process level.
BTN_AR133. Open the process step properties dialog of the Logistics [external model] process step and select the Resources tab.
BTN_AR134. Click Add... and then New to create a new resource.
BTN_AR135. Type in the information shown in the picture below (excluding the Symbol):


BTN_AR136. Select the Resource Pools tab. attach the resource to the resource pool General Management by selecting Add... from the This Resource Belongs to Resource Pools group:


BTN_AR137. Click OK to close the dialog.
BTN_AR138. Verify that the Logistics Supervisor is now added to the process step and click OK to close the Process Step dialog:


Resources can be created also in the Navigator View:

BTN_AR139. On the View tab of the ribbon, click Navigator View to open the Navigator View.
BTN_AR1310. Select the Resource Pool Hierarchy and expand the hierarchy by pressing the btn_expand_model_hierarchy button:


BTN_AR1311. Right-click on an item in the hierarchy and select New Resource... from the pop-up menu:


BTN_AR1312. Input the resource information similarly as in steps 5 to 7.

For more information about resources see the Resources topic and its subtopics in the QPR Modeling Client - User's Guide.