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Creating and Managing Public Bookmarks

Creating and Managing Public Bookmarks

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Creating and Managing Public Bookmarks

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mouse_24 Exercise 38: Create a Shared Bookmark and Arrange Shared Bookmarks.


BTN_AR131. In the top right corner of QPR Portal, click Settings.
BTN_AR132. The Settings window opens, click Manage Shared Bookmarks:


BTN_AR133. Click the Create button:


BTN_AR134. The Create New Bookmark window opens. In the Link name field, type "QPR Software Homepage", in the Location field, type "http://www.qpr.com" and make sure that the bookmark is set to be published to Everyone:


BTN_AR135. Click OK.
BTN_AR136. In the Settings window, click the Create Separator button.
BTN_AR137. The Create New Separator window opens. Type in "----- Web Sites -----" as the Separator text, make sure the separator is published to Everyone and click Create.
BTN_AR138. In the Settings window, select the QPR Software Homepage and click the Down button:


BTN_AR139. We'll want to edit the QPR Software Homepage bookmark, click the Properties button.
BTN_AR1310. The Modify Bookmark window opens. Change the Link name to "QPR Software Homepage - Customer Care" and the Location to "http://www.qpr.com/customer-care.html" and click OK.

For more information, see the Settings topic in QPR Portal - User's Guide.