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Creating Pages for the Briefing Booklet

Creating Pages for the Briefing Booklet

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Creating Pages for the Briefing Booklet

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In this exercise, we will create the actual pages for the Briefing Booklet.


mouse_24 Exercise 26: Create Pages for the Briefing Booklet.


BTN_AR131. On the My Contents tab, select the My Briefings view:


BTN_AR132. On the Toolbar, click btn_manage_briefing_booklets Manage Briefing Booklets.
BTN_AR133. The Manage Briefing Booklets window opens. From Briefing Booklets list, select the Logistics Division Monthly Briefing booklet, and select the Pages tab:


BTN_AR134. Click Add to create a new page.
BTN_AR135. The Add Page window opens. Enter the information shown in the fields in the picture below and click OK:


BTN_AR136. The next page will contain the main level scorecard of Dentorex Group. Again, click Add.
BTN_AR137. Enter the name "Dentorex Group Scorecard", activate the page type "View" and select the Group Scorecard from the list. Click OK.
BTN_AR138. Next, we'll add a page for the indicators we added to the Basket earlier. So again, click Add.
BTN_AR139. Fill in the information as shown in the picture below:


BTN_AR1310. Click OK.