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Customizing QPR Portal Hierarchy Views

Customizing QPR Portal Hierarchy Views

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Customizing QPR Portal Hierarchy Views

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The hierarchy views of QPR Portal, i.e. the navigation tree in the left-hand frame of QPR Portal, can be customized using web templates. Modify the jsdynamichierarchy.tpl (found in the <path to All Users profile>\Application Data\QPR Software\QPR 2012\2012.2\Servers\Templates\WAS\Common folder or in C:\ProgramData\QPR Software\QPR 2012\2012.2\Servers\Templates\WAS\Common folder in Windows Vista and later versions) as follows:


1.To enable automatic dynamic mode (default), set the node count threshold in the AutoDynamic parameter (see the bolded sections in the example below). The number set in the AutoDynamic parameter indicates the minimum number of nodes required in the hierarchy before the hierarchy is made dynamic.

2.To enable paging, set a non-zero value to MaxCount (in both two places). The number set in the MaxCount parameter indicates the maximum number of hierarchy nodes shown in a single page.


  var _iMaxHierarchyNodeCount = "<#Parameter id="MaxCount" default="0">";

  InitializeHierarchy(true); <#Hierarchy hierarchy="<#Parameter id="Hierarchy">:
  setvisible=<#Parameter id="SetVisible">, autodynamic=<#Parameter id="AutoDynamic" default="200">

  maxcount="<#Parameter id="MaxCount" default="0">dynamic="2" expandlevels="1" skiplevels="2" 

  ignoreaccess="1" first="0" javascriptrows="1" where='' fields="<#Parameter id="Fields">" 

  sort="" roottag="1" configuration="<#Parameter id="ConfigurationFile">">


Note: You can also modify the parameter values by modifying the Include tag parameters in the templates where the jsdynamichierarchy.tpl template is included (for example, informationitemshierarchytreeview.tpl). See the following example:


1.To enable showing hierarchy in multiple web pages in Processes/Information Items view and to restrict the maximum number of shown information items to 100 per page, change the following line in informationitemshierarchytreeview.tpl

<#Include template="jsdynamichierarchy.tpl" Hierarchy="informationitems"

SetVisible="<#URLParameter id="OID">" ConfigurationFile="hierarchyfields.ini">




<#Include template="jsdynamichierarchy.tpl" Hierarchy="informationitems" 

SetVisible="<#URLParameter id="OID">" ConfigurationFile="hierarchyfields.ini" MaxCount="100">