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Customizing QPR Portal

Customizing QPR Portal

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Customizing QPR Portal

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The appearance of QPR Portal can be modified so it will, for example, fit the organization's intranet seamlessly. To customize the QPR Portal, the following files need to be modified:

Graphics used throughout the QPR Portal

Cascading Style Sheets, i.e. the "custom.css" file, which defines the appearance of web pages

HTMLtemplates, i.e. ".tpl" files and ".ini" files, which contain some page contents & structures. Templates used by QPR Portal are listed in Appendix B. Note that the template files are cached to QPR Web Application Server, so modifications are not taken into use until QPR WAS is restarted or the template cache is cleared. The template cache can be cleared by entering the following URL in the browser: <host name or IP of the server>/QPR2012-2/Portal/qpr.isapi.dll?QPRWAS&*cleartemplatecache. In addition, after clearing the template cache, clearing also the browser cache is recommended.


All the QPR Portal customizations covered in this document and other QPR end user documentation can be made without violating QPR Copyrights or the end user license agreement. However, QPR is not liable for any customizations nor the effects the customizations may cause.