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Defining Access to Model Elements

Defining Access to Model Elements

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Defining Access to Model Elements

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The user rights for every model are defined separately in QPR Modeling Client. Model-specific rights apply for Server models only. File models can be protected by password.


mouse_24 Exercise 73: Give a user full access to all model elements.


BTN_AR131. In QPR Modeling Client, open the Dentorex Group Processes model.
BTN_AR132. On the Home tab of the ribbon, click the User Rights btn_ribbon_user_rights button.
BTN_AR133. Select the John Smith from the Users list:


BTN_AR134. Select the Apply to all subprocesses checkbox. This way it is easy to give a certain rights to the whole model, instead of having to define the rights individually for each subprocess.
BTN_AR135. On the Dentorex Group Processes level, either click the colored box to scroll through the rights or click the downward arrow to open a list from which you can select the desired rights level:


BTN_AR136. The rights will be defined for every subprocess, i.e. the whole model. Next, give rights to the Measures, Resources and Simulation by selecting the appropriate checkboxes:


BTN_AR137. Click Close to close the dialog.

See the User Administration topic and its subtopics in QPR Modeling Client - User's Guide for more information about QPR Modeling Client User Administration.