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Defining Responsibilities

Defining Responsibilities

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Defining Responsibilities

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mouse_24 Exercise 125: Define the Demo User to be Responsible for the Logistics Efficiency Strategic Objective


BTN_AR131. Open the Dentorex Group Scorecard model.
BTN_AR132. Open the Scorecard Navigator by clicking the Scorecard Navigator button btn_scorecard_navigator on the bottom of the Model Navigator frame.
BTN_AR133. In the Scorecard Navigator frame, click the btn_expand_hierarchy button next to the Internal Processes perspective to expand the hierarchy.
BTN_AR134. Double-click the Logistics Efficiency strategic objective to open the Element Properties window:


BTN_AR135. In the Roles section you'll see one pre-defined role, In Charge, for the element type. Double-click the In Charge row:


BTN_AR136. The Select User window opens. Select Demo User (qpr) from the list and click OK.

For more information, see the Element Properties General Tab topic in QPR Metrics - User's Guide.