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Detailed View

Detailed View

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Detailed View

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When a single Linked Element or Information Item is selected from a list, it is displayed in a Detailed View. The Detailed View displays all of the properties of the selected model item in full detail.




Following options are available in the toolbar:


Select Model

Opens the Select Model window.


Prints the current view.


Allows you to add the current view to your list of QPR Portal bookmarks.

Add to Basket

Adds the element into the Basket for using it in Briefing Booklets.


Opens the action view for the linked element or the information item. In this view, you can see all actions currently linked to the element and you can also create new ones.

Add Action

Allows you to add an action to the current linked element or information item.

Show Information Items

Displays a list of all information items attached to the linked element.