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Edit the Model Structure

Edit the Model Structure

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Edit the Model Structure

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The structure of the model can be modified in the Model navigator frame of the Scorecard Explorer window and in the Scorecard Explorer's views (Scorecard Navigator and Hierarchy Views).


Just as files can be moved in Microsoft Windows Explorer, scorecards and elements can be moved in the Scorecard Explorer window using drag-and-drop. To move an element, just click the element, drag it to the new location and drop it. To copy an element, hold the Ctrl key while dragging the element and dropping it in the location where it is to be copied.



Note: By default, elements are listed in alphabetical order. Although elements can be moved to different positions in the element hierarchy, elements on the same hierarchy level cannot be reordered.



In the Hierarchy Views, you can move elements around without changing their position in the hierarchy by using drag-and-drop.


All the changes made to the model structure in the Scorecard Navigator are saved to the database in real time. Changes made in the Hierarchy Views are saved when saving the view, which is requested when closing the view.