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Elements as List

Elements as List

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Elements as List

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The elements as list hierarchy shows all the elements in the process model as a simple list, i.e. there is no hierarchy. Note that you need to select which elements are shown on the list in the Navigator View Settings.


Modifying Elements

By selecting an element and using the pop-up menu (click the right mouse button) you can set properties of the whole model (in case the element is a normal process step) or the selected element, cut, copy or delete the element. You can also remove elements by pressing the Delete key when the desired process step is selected. Depending on the type of the element and the column in the view, the value in a cell can be edited by typing in the value, selecting a checkbox, or selecting the value from a drop-down menu. Note that all values, such as "Last Changed", are not editable. See also the Transfer Model Elements via Clipboard topic for information about copy and paste operations.



See the Navigator View Settings topic for information on how to define the settings for the view.