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Flow Chart Animation During Simulation

Flow Chart Animation During Simulation

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Flow Chart Animation During Simulation

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The flow chart (boxes and arrows) is animated during simulation. The animation is controlled by the timer in the simulation queue. At the timer tick, the simulation time is run forward the necessary amount of time, the activations are processed in the time order and the new ready percentage for the active activations is calculated. Finally the flow charts are updated.


A vertical line moves horizontally inside the boundaries of the symbol of the process step/decision for every active activation of the same process step/decision indicating the progress of the activation. The number of suspended activations for the process step is calculated. If this number changes, the old number is removed and a new one is written (if > 0). The number is written on the bottom left corner of the box. Finally the indicators for the unprocessed incoming flows are written. The unprocessed flows are indicated by a circle at the arrow connection point, the size of the circle indicating the number of unprocessed flows.


The flows can be animated using the transfer icons or using diamonds.


When an activation ends, the animations of the activation on the boxes and flows are removed. After the animations have been removed, the background bitmaps in the arrows are deleted.


If the flow chart is repainted during the simulation, all the animations are also redrawn on the screen.