QPR Installation Instructions

Help Tab

Help Tab

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Help Tab

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The following commands are available in the Help tab of the ribbon.


QPR Modeling Client Help

Opens the context sensitive help for the currently active item.

Table of Contents

Opens the Table of Contents of the QPR Modeling Client User's Guide.

What's New

Opens the What is New in QPR Modeling Client section in the User's Guide.

Process Management Terms

Opens the dictionary of Process Management terminology.

QPR UserNet

EA_iconPD_iconOpens the QPR UserNet login page into your default web browser.

Check for Updates

Checks for a new version of QPR Modeling Client and opens the QPR Auto Updater if one is available. See the Options Dialog topic for more instructions.

Activate Product

Launches the QPR Product Activation wizard

About QPR Modeling Client

Shows information about QPR Modeling Client. The product, version, build, license, and some system information can be copied to the clipboard by clicking the Copy to Clipboard link. This information may be useful when identifying any issues with QPR Modeling Client.