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Import Data

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Import Data

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In QPR Metrics, you can import existing information into your Scorecard model. Thanks to the import feature, QPR Metrics can be incorporated into an organization seamlessly and gradually. Furthermore, with imports, you can begin using historical data immediately.


You can import your existing data into QPR Metrics. Data can be imported from SQL and OLAP databases. In SQL import, you type an SQL query (MDX query in OLAP) and execute it either interactively or scheduled. This way, you can specify regular scheduled imports to retrieve data for your elements from a specific SQL or OLAP database, say, once a week. You can perform mass SQL, OLAP and mass OLAP imports in much the same way as SQL imports. These imports can be done from the Integration View window.


You can utilize also data you have in QPR Modeling Client.


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When performing either an SQL import or an OLAP import, you can schedule the task to occur on intervals, at a specified date and time. This is helpful for automatically updating your model to contain the latest values of your company database. For example, you can schedule the import to run every night and thereby automatically update your model every night.


For more information, see Scheduling SQL Import and OLAP Import.