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Information Item


Information Item


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Information Item


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Information items are information objects used in the process, e.g. work instructions for a certain process step, quality system documentation or actual information items handled in the process. Information items can be attached to process model, process step, connector or store. Information items can also be transferred in the flows.


In QPR Modeling Client, information items may be modeled as subsets of other information items. This allows information to be modeled in a hierarchical fashion.


An information item has the following properties:

bullet2  name

bullet2  description

bullet2  information item type

bullet2  information item location

bullet2  used in

bullet2  part of

bullet2  consists of


Information items can be of various types. So there can be a quality document, a process document, a formal document, an informal document, a WWW document, template or other. The location of an information item is a link to an external file or another source of information, e.g. a WWW page. Each information item has the 'Part of' property which specifies if  the information item is a part of another information item. There is also the 'Consists of'  property which specifies if the information item has other information items in the hierarchy below it. The 'used in' property is a list of model elements, process steps, connectors and stores in which the information item is used.