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Information Items

Information Items

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Information Items

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mouse_24 Exercise 60: Add a new Information Item to a process step.


BTN_AR131. Create a new model using the Default settings template.
BTN_AR131. Create an Activity process step and give it a name.
BTN_AR132. Edit the properties of the process step you created by double–clicking the process step and switch to the Information Items tab.
BTN_AR133. Click Add... to select the Information Item to be added.
BTN_AR134. Create a completely new information item by clicking New. If there are any Information Items that are already created, they are listed in this dialog:


BTN_AR135. Enter the data shown in the picture below (excluding the Symbol) to the information item. In this case, we use a website as the information item content:


BTN_AR136. Accept the information item by clicking OK.


Often it is convenient to create the whole information item hierarchy first and later add the items to their corresponding process steps, if necessary (e.g. The quality documentation). The easiest way to do this is to create the Information items in the Navigator View.