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Information Parameters

Information Parameters

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Information Parameters

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The user may define additional parameters to information location field when information is linked to information item. These parameters are replaced with the correct information when the information is fetched. This feature enables better integration to external systems, e.g. Internet search engine can be used to look for extra information about a certain process step pretty easily with help of parameters.


The available information parameters are:

User name: the name used for login into QPR Modeling Client

User full name: the full name of the user; this can be defined either in User Administration dialog in QPR Modeling Client or with QPR User Management System.

Element name: the name of the element to which the information item is attached

Custom attribute: custom attribute of the element to which the information item is attached

The percentage sign (%) at the both ends of the parameter name distinguishes the information parameter. If QPR Modeling Client does not recognize the parameter or the parameter is somehow invalid (e.g. one of percentage signs is missing), the text remains intact. If QPR Modeling Client cannot resolve a value for a parameter when opening an information item, a dialog requesting values for the parameters will appear.

There is a separate dialog available from Information Item dialog for building information item locations with parameters. The dialog shows all the available parameters. Notice that Element name and Custom attribute parameters are available only if the information item is attached to an element.