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Input and Modify Measure Values

Input and Modify Measure Values

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Input and Modify Measure Values

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There are three possibilities for inputting and modifying measure values:

bullet2  measure values page of a process step, group or connector dialog

bullet2 analysis spreadsheet

bullet2  external spreadsheet program


In the model element dialog only measure values for that model element can be input and modified. It can also be used to check which measure values have been input into that model element.


In the analysis spreadsheet, measure values are presented as a table with cases as rows and process steps, groups and connectors as columns. In the spreadsheet it is easier to input and modify measure values for several model elements and cases at the same time.


When a measure value is input or modified, QPR Modeling Client tries to convert it into a value of the format defined in the measure. If it is not possible to convert the given value, QPR Modeling Client shows an error message and shows the right format. If you have the measure values available in a different format, you can change the format QPR Modeling Client accepts from the Windows Control Panel.