QPR Installation Instructions

Installing QPR 2012.2

Installing QPR 2012.2

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Installing QPR 2012.2

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The installation requires that Windows Installer 3.1 (all supported versions of Windows prior to Windows Vista) is installed. Every later version of Windows has a required Windows Installer version installed out of the box. In the case you do not have the Windows Installer engine installed or you have an older version, please acquire a supported version from Windows Update. In addition, MDAC 2.7 or newer is required for the installation.


QPR Suite 2012.2 installation is divided into two separate packages, one for client components and one for server components.


The Clients package contains the following components:

QPR ProcessDesigner (cannot be installed simultaneously with QPR EnterpriseArchitect)

QPR EnterpriseArchitect (cannot be installed simultaneously with QPR ProcessDesigner)

QPR Metrics

QPR User Management Client

QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office (for 32-bit Microsoft Office only)


The Servers package contains the following components:

QPR Foundation Server

QPR BizArchitecture Server

QPR Metrics Server

QPR Web Application Server

QPR Web Services Server


NOTE! There are 32-bit and 64-bit installers available for the servers package. The 64-bit servers package doesn't contain the Microsoft Access demo database.


The packages can basically be installed in any order, but in the case of full system installation with both clients and servers it is strongly recommended to install the Clients package first. If the Servers package is present in the same folder as the Clients package, the Clients package provides an option to launch the Servers package at the end of the installation.


If the packages are installed in a different order, then e.g. default server connections may have to be created manually.


NOTE! If you are installing both Clients and Servers packages, do not activate anything before both packages are installed to avoid unnecessary deductions to your allowed activation times count.


NOTE! For installing QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office for a 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010, you need to use the QPRAfMOSetup_x64.exe installation package.