QPR Installation Instructions

Installing the Web Part

Installing the Web Part

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Installing the Web Part

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To install the QPR Portal Web Part, follow the steps below:


1.Launch Setup.exe located in the Install folder

2.Click Next in the Welcome page. A system check is performed.

3.In the case all checks are passed, click Next to proceed with the installation. In the case errors are found in the check, solve them before continuing with the installation.

4.Read the license agreement and select "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" in the case you agree to the terms. Click Next to continue.'

5.Select the applications where the web part is to be deployed. After selecting the targets, click Next.

6.The web part is now installed. After the installation is finished, click Next to see details and then Close to exit the installer.


Now we need to enable the web part in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server:


1.Access your site

2.Select Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Modify All Site Settings

3.Select Web Parts from the Galleries section

4.Click New

5.Locate QPR.WebPart.PortalView.PortalView, tick the checkbox next to it and then click Populate Gallery

6.In Web Part Gallery, edit PortalView.webpart

7.Define the title as: QPR Portal Web Part

8.Define the description as: Use this web part to display content from QPR Portals

9.Define the group as e.g. Business Data

10.The web part is now available for using on pages capable of displaying web parts