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The AttributeType has value LinkValue if the model element has a link to another model element and there is some additional information related to this link. In LinkValue AttributeType there are no TypeProperty  DataType = xxx XML child elements.


Example: In QPR Modeling Client the modeler may define the number of allocated resources to a process step i.e. the process step has a link to a resource and the link value is the allocation amount.


<ModelAttributeType Name="Resources" AttributeType="LinkValue">

 <FieldType Name="ElementName" DataType="string" />

 <FieldType Name="ElementId" DataType="string" />

 <FieldType Name="TypeName" DataType="string" />

 <FieldType Name="TypeID" DataType="string" />

 <FieldType Name="Amount" DataType="double" />



<Attribute AttributeName="Resources">


   <Field Name="ElementName" Value="KJu" />

   <Field Name="ElementId" Value="PG_RE26" />

   <Field Name="TypeName" Value="Resource type" />

   <Field Name="TypeID" Value="PG_RE16" />

   <Field Name="Amount" Value="1" />