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Manual Activation via Email

Manual Activation via Email

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Manual Activation via Email

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Manual Product Activation via E-mail is convenient if there is no Internet connection available. To activate a product, you need to e-mail QPR Customer Care. The QPR Activation Utility gives detailed instructions on doing this. These are the steps for manual product activation via E-mail:

Enter your Product Activation Code and user information.

Select the Manually via E-mail activation method.

The Activation Utility shows the Activation Code message. Copy the message to clipboard or save it to a file.

Contact QPR Customer Care by E-mail and include the Activation Code message in the E-mail.

QPR Customer Care handles activation requests and provides you with an Activation Message. E-mail activation requests are handled within one business day. You will also get an Activation Status confirmation message by e-mail.


Enter the Activation Message to the Activation Utility and you can start using the products.


Following process drawing illustrates the process of activating the software via E-mail: