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Marks Tab of the Gantt Step Window

Marks Tab of the Gantt Step Window

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Marks Tab of the Gantt Step Window

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To include marks attached to the Gantt bars, select the Show marks option.

Contents Group

To define the content for the marks, select whether to include the Element, Series, Step, Start Date, End Date and/or Period in each mark. The Step selection will show the Period level defined on the General Tab of the Element Properties window.


Display Angle Group

To define the Display angle of the marks, select Horizontal, Vertical or Other angle. The angle is defined in degrees, 0 to 360.



Label Properties Group

To change the background color of the labels, click the color box labeled as "Background". The Color Editor window opens.

Check the Transparent tick box to leave the marks without background coloring. The other options are Border, Show Shadow, and Multiline. You can define the appearance according to your own preferences.

To define the mark text font properties click Select... next to Font. The Font Window opens. Then select the desired font, font style, font size, effect, script, and color, and click OK.

The vertical Distance of the marks from the bars can also be defined.


After you have selected the desired settings, click OK to apply the changes to the Chart's mark.