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Model-Specific User Rights

Model-Specific User Rights

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Model-Specific User Rights

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When the user is identified, he or she is given the rights the administrator user has granted him or her. The user may be restricted in viewing certain parts of the model or to access certain features of QPR Modeling Client, e.g. user administration, modeling options, Metrics link, and HTML Export are available only for administrator and model administrator users. The user may also have view only rights for some parts of the model meaning that he or she is able to view this information but unable to modify it.


You can copy process levels to which you have View rights or higher. In the case the process level contains subprocesses you don't have rights to, the subprocess element is copied, but the contents of the subprocess (i.e. the process level you don't have rights to) are not included in the copy.


If you are unable to perform certain operations on the model, it is because you have not been granted the corresponding rights. You must contact the administrator of the model to get the rights needed.


Model-specific rights apply for Server models only. File models can be protected by password.