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Model Templates

Model Templates

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Model Templates

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To help you get started with building your organization's model in the fastest and easiest way, QPR Metrics includes model templates. These model templates include some of the most commonly used settings of a QPR Metrics model. As an alternative to building your model from scratch, you can use one of the following templates as a basis for your model:


Basic Scorecard Template includes a basic measurement framework. It provides a good starting point for building a model based on the Balanced Scorecard concept. You will use the Basic Scorecard Template in creating your practice model, "My First Model".

Advanced Scorecard Template includes a wide range of measurement framework options. Basic elements are the same as in the Basic Scorecard Template, but this template provides more different value settings, layout templates, etc. This template is good for advanced Balanced Scorecard modeling as well as experimenting with the different possibilities offered by QPR Metrics.

QPR Instant Score Template is the fastest way to create fully functional scorecards. Includes a wide range of predefined settings and elements.


In addition to the model templates, QPR Metrics also includes various demonstration models. These models are completely developed models, which can serve as both an introduction to QPR Metrics 2012.2 as well as a reference to assist you in building your own model.



How to apply a model template

When you create a new model, you can easily set it to use one of the existing model template. This can be done by selecting the desired model template from the "Based on" drop-down" list in the Create a New Model dialog.