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Multilingual Modeling

Multilingual Modeling

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Multilingual Modeling

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Multinational organizations deploying consistent processes throughout the organization often face the challenge of communicating the process descriptions to employees who speak different languages. They cannot use only one language throughout the organization, but still want to use only one process model in order to ensure consistency and avoid the extra modeling and maintenance work that having separate models for each language would create.


QPR Modeling Client offers an ideal solution to this with the help of multilingual modeling. You can enable multilingual modeling in the Modeling Options dialog, where you can also define the modeling languages.


The modeling language that is used can be easily changed with the translation button in the status bar. The button has a dictionary icon btn_translations and the name of the currently active language. Clicking the button opens a pop-up menu with all the modeling languages available for the model.


Modeling languages can be defined only by QPR Modeling Client administrators. QPR Modeling Client administrators and model administrators can change the selection of defined languages available in the model.