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Booklet pages are rendered according to briefing booklet's template, which gives them a certain common layout. To not to be bound on a single layout only on all pages, page templates are used for determining how briefing items will be placed into the pages. Many booklet pages can share the same template but sometimes a bit different layout is in order.


To add a new page, click the Add button and a new window opens for entering the page details. See Add Page for more information.


A page can be deleted by selecting it from the list and pressing the Remove button. To change page properties, select a page from the list and click the Properties button and a new window opens for modifying the page details. See Page Properties for more information.


Move Up and Move Down buttons are used for changing the page order. Select from the list a page you wish to appear earlier or later in the briefing booklet list and press the Move Up or Move Down buttons until the page is in the desired place.


If the page is a Briefing Page, it is capable of holding briefing items (data entities of QPR Metrics and QPR Modeling Client models, or text items). To manage page's items, select a page from the page list and click the Briefing Items button. This will open the Briefing Items window for modifying page's items. See Briefing Items for more information.


To preview pages, select a page from the page list and click the Preview button. A new window will open displaying the page. You may close the preview window when you are done.