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PowerPoint Export

PowerPoint Export

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PowerPoint Export

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To export your QPR Portal views into Microsoft Office PowerPoint, open the view you want to export and click the Export to Office to button to open the Export to Office tool frame.


With the tool frame open, you can add slides to your presentation in the Add Slides section. Click the btn_powerpoint_add button to add the current view into the presentation. Click the btn_powerpoint_add_many button to add the current view and all views under it in the hierarchy to the presentation. Note that you can switch to different views while the tool frame is open and add those views as slides into the presentation.


In the All slides section you can remove unwanted slides with the btn_powerpoint_remove button or rearrange the slides with the btn_powerpoint_arrow_down and btn_powerpoint_arrow_up buttons. If you want to start from a scratch, click the Clear all button to clear all slides from the presentation.


If template changing is enabled, you can use a different template for the presentation by clicking the Change template button in the Slide template section. Click on the name of the current template to download it for local use.


Once the presentation is ready, click the Export to PowerPoint button to export your presentation.