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Presentation View

Presentation View

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Presentation View

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QPR Modeling Client features a full screen Presentation View for the flow chart. The Presentation View can be turned on by clicking the btn_presentation_view Presentation View button on the View tab of the ribbon. You can exit the Presentation View by clicking the Close button on the Presentation View Toolbar or by pressing the Esc key.


Mouse Controls in the Presentation View

Holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse will pan the flow chart.

The scroll wheel of the mouse controls the zoom factor.

Right clicking the flow chart or an element will open a pop-up menu, from which you can choose to go Up to Parent Process Level or Down to Subprocess Level (when the element is of a subprocess type).

Double-clicking a subprocess element will take you down to the subprocess level.

Double-clicking on an empty area on the flow chart will perform the Fit to Screen zoom action (see below).


Presentation View Toolbar

The toolbar on the Presentation View contains the following controls:


btn_presentation_view_back Back

Go back.

btn_presentation_view_forward Forward

Go forward.

btn_presentation_view_up_to_parent Up to Parent Process Level

Go up to the parent process level.

btn_presentation_view_zoom Zoom Factor

Select the zoom factor from the drop down list.

btn_presentation_view_dec_inc_zoom Decrease and Increase Zoom

Each click of these buttons decreases or increases the zoom factor by 10% and moves the slider accordingly.

btn_presentation_view_zoom_slider Zoom Slider

Quickly access any zoom size between 10% and 200%.

btn_presentation_view_fit_to_scrn Fit to Screen

Clicking this button will show the whole flow chart in the view.

btn_presentation_view_close Close

Closes the Presentation View.