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QPR Modeling Client provides the possibility of printing the contents of child windows (flow chart, navigator, analysis or report).



Printing Child Windows

All the child windows can be printed. Printing can be done either:

bullet3  selecting Print from the Application menu or

bullet3  clicking the Print button in the quick access toolbar


The contents of the active child window are printed. Navigator and analysis graphs are printed as shown on the screen and fit on one page. Analysis spreadsheet and report are printed in a standard size and as a portrait using as many pages as needed. Flow charts are printed using a landscape layout by default. For printing flow charts there are some special options available.



Flow Chart

When a flow chart is active and Page Setup item is selected from Application menu, the Print Settings for Flow Chart dialog is shown. You can also enter this dialog from the context menu of the flow chart. For further information on the contents of this dialog, see Flow Chart Print Settings Dialog.





To see how the pages are going to be printed, check the "Show page breaks" checkbox in the Chart Layout tab of View Settings dialog




Print Settings for Flow Chart dialog


Before printing, you can view a print preview of the flow chart.