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QPR API is an Application Programming Interface that can be used along with QPR Scripting to automate operations and to create integration with other applications. The analogy for QPR API + QPR Scripting are macros that can be used in many popular office applications. The VBScript programming language, which is rather similar with the Visual Basic language, can be used to write macros or larger operations to be executed in the clients.


The core of QPR API is Application Object Model, which provides a standard Microsoft COM programming interface for QPR Products. The Object Model is designed to:


Provide a standard way to programmatically build and update the contents of QPR models.

Establish a core set of application programming interfaces that could be used to meet the most common needs for automated model maintenance and application integration.


The QPR API implements the Windows COM (Component Object Model) OLE Automation Server interface. QPR Automation Objects can be utilized in all applications and environments that can access COM components. Visual Basic for Applications used in Microsoft Office, for instance, is an example of an application utilizing the OLE Automation.


With the help of the QPR API and QPR Scripting you can for example create shortcuts that launch the client, connect and authenticate to the server and open the desired model. Scripts must be written either the VBScript language or any installed scripting language. See the chapter QPR Scripting for more information.