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QPR Metrics is a Windows-based networked software system. Accordingly, the basic requirements for the use of QPR Metrics are a Windows environment and a TCP/IP network. See QPR Administrator's Guide for more detailed system requirements.


For completing the training offered in this guide, a QPR Suite (i.e. full) installation of QPR 2012.2 is needed, preferably in the standalone mode. Refer to the QPR - Installation Instructions document for more details about installing the software.



Some of the exercise models need to be imported to QPR Metrics before they can be completed. To do this, follow these instrucions:

1.Start QPR Metrics.

2.Login to QPR Metrics Server.

3.Close the Introduction dialog.

4.On the top left corner of the QPR Metrics window, click the btn_application_menu Application menu button, and select Manage > Import from the menu.

5.Go to the Tutorials sub-folder, select the model needed in the exercise and click Open.