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The QPR Portal Search Engine allows you to filter your search results to quickly find the specific view(s) that you are looking for.


How to find Information in QPR Portal?


Using the Quick Search


There is a quick search functionality available next to the tabs of QPR Portal. Using the quick search is straightforward, all you need to do is to enter the search term(s) into the text field to the left of the Search button and click the Search button. The results of your search are opened into the regular search view, in which you can fine-tune the results by applying some of the filters and repeating the search.



Using the Search View


The Search view can be opened by clicking the Search button next to the quick search text field when there are no terms defined. In the Search from row there are checkboxes for choosing what parts of QPR Portal to search from. The options are: Processes (if QPR Modeling Client is installed and configured), Hierarchy Views (if QPR Metrics is installed and configured), and Actions. You can select any combination from just one part to all three parts available. Please note that the search does not cover Briefing Booklets. You can also limit your search to cover only those models that are currently active in the Processes and the Hierarchy Views tabs by selecting the "Current models only" option.


To search for occurrences with the same capitalization (i.e. for case sensitive searching), select the Match Case checkbox in the Search attributes row. To search for occurrences which are individual words instead of being a part of a larger word, select the Whole Word checkbox.


To perform a search, enter your word or phrase in the text field, select your desired search options and then click the Search button.


The results of your search will appear in a table below the query field. To show all of the elements found by the search engine, leave the buttons on the top header of the search results table selected (i.e. pressed down). To filter a certain view type out, simply click the button once so that it is deselected. You can view any of the search results by clicking the name of the element or by clicking the icon in the Views column. For actions the Views column can have links to the details view (symbol btn_details), or in the case the user has enough rights, also to the edit view (symbol btn_edit).


If you wish to add the settings of the current view into the "My Contents" view, click the Bookmark button at the upper left corner.



QPR Search Central


An alternative search engine called QPR Search Central is also available for searching QPR Portal contents with improved performance and the ability to search inside attachments. For more information about QPR Search Central, refer to documentation in the Add-Ons\QPR Search Central folder on the QPR CD.