QPR Installation Instructions



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Follow the steps below to install QPR Search Central.

1.Launch SharePoint 2010 Management Shell as Administrator.

2.Make sure that the SharePoint 2010 Administration service is running. If not, start it from the Services panel or run Start-Service spadminv4 in PowerShell (net start spadminv4 in the standard command line)

3.Make sure that PowerShell is set to use an execution policy that allows scripts to be executed. Use the Get-ExecutionPolicy commandlet to see your current level and Set-ExecutionPolicy to loosen restrictions for the duration of QPR Search Central configuration if needed.

4.Update the variables in Configuration.ps1 script to match your environment.

5.Add user with login "NETWORK SERVICE" into QPR UMS as system administrator. If you changed the crawling account in Configuration.ps1, add a corresponding user into QPR UMS. Note that user rights of this user define the maximum scope that is crawled.

6.Run the SetupQPRSearchCentral.ps1 script. Note that in non-English SharePoint environment you may need to provide values to the script during the installation.

7.Configure search server location into QPR_Servers.ini and restart QPR services

8.Restore the PowerShell execution policy


After the installation is complete, review the crawl schedule and set new full crawls to be completed at suitable intervals depending on the size of your QPR database. Crawl settings can be reviewed in SharePoint 2010 Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage Service Applications -> Search Service Application -> Content Sources.